North Sails Certified Service

What makes North Sails Certified Service better for you?

North Sails Certified Service High Standards
North Sails Certified Service offers sailors and yacht owners the benefits of our superior technology, our experienced personnel and a worldwide network of over 100 lofts in 25 countries. All repairs are certified to North Sails exclusive Manufacturing Standards. North Sails Manufacturing Blue Book is the most detailed documentation of standards for premium sail construction in the world. It is used by North lofts and service facilities worldwide, to guarantee consistent product quality.

Unmatched Resources
Whether it is a quick Genoa repair for the summer holiday cruise or a Wednesday night race, a big repair for a 120-footer, traditional handwork for classic yachts, or a repair for your next dinghy regatta, North Sails has the staff, the facilities and the experience to take care of all your service needs.

10-point Sail Inspection
Every sail that is serviced by North undergoes a thorough inspection designed to identify maintenance issues early, so they do not become major problems later on. Annual inspection of your inventory will aid significantly in extending sail life and maintaining peak performance. Your sails should be inspected and washed at least once per season to ensure maximum sail life.

Roller Furling UV Cover
Most sailors know how ultra-violet rays of the sun can damage sails. If you leave your Genoa furled on the forestay between use, a UV foot/leech cover is a must! When furled, the UV cover provides an effective sun screen for your sail and dramatically extends its life expectancy. If your UV cover is damaged, get it fixed